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Message from Chief Municipal Officer - We are constantly striving in our field to see how we can provide best facilities to our citizens. And the government servants should discharge their duties with complete impartiality and honesty. And how to bring transparency in the process! We can even solve it technically to some extent! Taking this chain forward, we have started some such facilities in the Nagar Palika Parishad SEONI, so that our citizens have to face the least amount of trouble! We have taken the first step to make Nagar Palika Parishad fully automated. A server application is being created under this process. The development of this software by the President of the City Council is commendable. And this is the first step towards the future. From the information given to me, I have come to know that with its construction, all of us residents of the city will get many facilities sitting at home.

Property Tax Information

Community Hall and Your Rights:

“Now you can know every information about our community hall and other related facilities for your auspicious cause or any other special reasone, while sitting at your own home. Additionally every single details of our formalities, timings, fares and application format to hire our community hall can be obtained through this site. You can now get rid of from the last minute inconveniences.”

Construction work, City Council Terms and Condition:

Tax, Cess and Rental Information

  • Urban Development Cess and Education Cess.
  • Property and water Taxes
  • Shops to Rent.

What facilities will come in future through this web portal ?ред

we will providing best technical feature to make our citizen life more easier and convenient, as per the decision of government of Madhya Pradesh. This facilities are available in metros. In furtherance of this effort, we have commissioned basic website portal for our city council.

Download the app developed by the Madhya Pradesh government and make the payment online.